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Writing in English, because german sucks :DOr because I've not spoken a singel word german since day

My first blog without a password, let's see how long it'll last.
I'm a Freak .. Totally obsessed with english and just at the Time in France. Yeah, I'm on holidays, a friend of mine(maybe soon former friend I fucking don't want to loose her <.< ) nearly screwed my holidays.
But then I played tennis with my gourgeos teacher and the world was wonderfull again. His accent isn't that annoying, what I first suggested, I got used to it and he's really a great guy Paris is awesome, much better than the last time I got here. And I didn't get sick this time. Tonight we're going to a restraunt, not me and Blaise (He's got the same name, like one of Slytherin in HP ) me and my family. I'm sure it's gonna be fun.
The disadvantage of being on holidays is, I have not much time to write and my Story: 'Sunset Strip' still stucks in the second Chapter and I'm supposed to update, when I come back home. I hope I'll find the time to complete at least the second Chapter.
Current mood: Freaky
Current music: None, watching CNN
6.8.08 19:01

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