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It sucks.

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House music in France is fucking awesome. After the restraunt we went to a club, I had a great time. I met Blaise and some of his friends there, we danced all night long

Now that I’m here, I know we’re leaving soon.

Don’t wanna go *sigh*

Didn’t know the french are so much fun. I’d love to come here again, but mother didn’t like it Perhabs when I can afford it by myself. Blaise said he would wait for me, just to listen to my gourgeous, he likes to call them outtakes , when I miss a ball at tennis. I really don’t want to go back to germany.

It sucks .

Here I don’t know about the politics, so they can’t piss me off. I just know about Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, but who don’t?

In a few hours I’m off, in a plane back to good old germany. It really sucks. It sucks even more than thinking, that HP might not be gay. If there would be a gold medal for sucking, this would probably win. Can’t sleep because I don’t want to go , didn’t think I would like it this much here. I mean I didn’t even want to go here in the first place. Well, I changed my mind. Loving paris, loving France, loving the french. But I must get some sleep now.

Current mood: annoyed
Current music: Nothing, but if I’d had my Mp4-Player not packed under all my clothes I would listen to some pissed of music, of my it all sucks folder

8.8.08 02:34

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