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Back in Germany x.x


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So I'm back. And I'm fucking not happy about it


Mother said, I have to clean up my room to get my Laptop back, what she not knows is, that she's got the wrong Laptop. I got mine. Sometimes I can be really sneaky, but I call it smart

Wanna draw something... In some way, I draw just humans No landscapes or something, just humans. Mostly guys, they're simpe to draw. Just once I've drawen Marilin Monroe. And I don't use colours very often. Just when I think it fits and that's rare. 

I'm supposed to update today, the second chapter of Sunset strip, I can't. Because it's not ready. I had no time and I didn't want to. Just wanted to draw, didn't like my writing in the last time. I hope that changes soon, want to finish the story, before I updated the third chapter and the following story should be finished soon, too. Doesn't help, I have to do it. I really, really should.

Still want to go back. 

Here I have so many duties.. But running of does not help, so I should get out of my bed and start working

Current mood: blah

Current music: Crazy - Simple Plan 

8.8.08 19:27

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