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Still here


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Today is the day, where I usally update. But still I have not finished the second chapter, wrote 5 sites on papers and have a half site in word already written. Got a new Review today, that would make 5 on the first chapter and 24 people already favourited, Sunset Strip. Why can't the others just write a short review? I really don't like blackreaders Sure, I was once one of them, but now I always write Reviews, if I like a Story.

Don't know if I ever blog in german, but I'm thinking in english, so I write in english, maybe because of that, I can't write on my fanfiction? I write in german, most of the time. I've also written a few in english, but just three or four, don't know.

Svenja recently told my I should study art *grin* Such things cheer me up, everyday. I need this to cheer me on, to work harder Don't misunderstand me, I love, what I'm doing. But sometimes you just need a little confirmation

Current mood: happy

Current music: Me against the world - Simple Plan 


9.8.08 17:22

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