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Fucking bullshit

I'm sad, really. It's war and fucking no one matters, I told a friend of mine about the victoms, innocent people that died and he just asked me if I could come over to him, cook him something, because he is the worst cook ever.

It's not like we could make peace, if we care about it. But I mean, not just people died, humans. Like us. And we should care, we would if it was our country. But no it's between the Georgians and the Russians, nothing to do with us. War is no soloution it causes more problems.

I hate it to feel so fucking useless. What can I do? I mean I can't stop the russians to move foward. All the other wars I just didn't care because it was so far away, not here. But now my eyes are open and I see other people as humans. Everyone should start to do this. I'm not saying that I'm the only one with this perspective.

We can demonstrate our arse of and Putin will not care, but at least we try, and we won't give up.

Current mood: sad

Current music: Running out of time - Simple Plan

12.8.08 00:45

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