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Who's your Dreamboy in Hogwarts?

To 90 % you'll have:
Congratulations: your Dreamboy is Draco Malfoy! He is the leader of the Slytherins and there he is still arrogant, but in truth he is sensitive and loving. Go well with him!
A/N: What a surprise :D
How good would a relationship between you and Draco work?
100% you are: Wow, it fits so well together!
Is your dream job Todesser coincidence?
If it with you in the relationship does not work, you can colleagues (in WHICH)!
Good luck!
Which HP character are you most similar ?


80% you are:'s Whether you believe or not, you're most similar DRACO MALFOY. He comes from a good home, is confident, but still hidden behind like his parents. No reason to be ashamed to be a Malfoy is not bad!

They would still be the following:
20% you are: Congratulations, you are the hero of the magic world, HARRY POTTER. From rules do not you so much, and come with exceptional situations very well clear. In addition, you have friends who are always behind you.
A/N: Great mix or xD?
What Girl are you in Hogwarts?
To 60% you are: Pansy Parkinson, girlfriend of Draco Malfoy. Congretulations you're hooking up with the hottest Slytherin.
A/N: Who knew :DDDD
In wich House would you be in?
90% you are: Congratulations! You are a true Slytherin! You are arrogant, evil, hate Muggle and later perhaps one of the dark arts!
Get more so, then you'll notice a junior Malfoy!


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I'm a little, outfreaked dwarf with a secret passion for: drawing, writing, singing, piano & rabbits (Got two <3)


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